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Creatall International Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004, based on Asia's largest electronics market - Huaqiang district, Shenzhen speed up the development of emerging enterprises. Over the years, the company has been engaged in the development and sale of LCD LED display products, products mainly include lcd led display, LCD LED universal inverter, power supplies, LCD / LED backlight lamp, led strip backlight, covering LCD monitors, LCD LED TV , car shows, DVR surveillance, mobile DVD, KTV, industrial computer display, industrial CNC systems and other civil and industrial sectors, the company to the highest quality products for a variety of peripherals display system to provide quality services program. Companies constantly innovate and forge ahead, the development of new products, the introduction of new technologies, products and services more than two hundred cities and towns across the country, exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Europe and other countries and regions, and with a number foreign enterprises to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. Full Year adhering to the "innovative concept, the pursuit of excellence, rapid improvement" philosophy; company slogan is "dedication, innovation and vision" and "quality is the first plan", "Customer satisfaction is our honor," as our eternal quality policy; to care for the environment, social returns, employee care and other social responsibility; "integrity, responsibility, innovation, teamwork" as a whole and create constant pursuit of the goal, and strive to provide customers with the best LCD LED display products.



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